Palworld Update: No More Accidentally Killing Pals!

Palworld Xbox players, rejoice! Catching Pals has become way easier thanks to the upcoming Xbox update. In Palworld Update v0.2.0.6 on Steam, the game has introduced Mercy Hit and Ring of Mercy, which can’t reduce an enemy Pal’s HP below 1. No more accidental whoopsies where you end up killing Pals instead of just weakening them for catching.

This Palworld Xbox update should be available very soon. Learn more about Mercy Hit, Ring of Mercy, and some of the juiciest details of what’s to come in Palworld!

A Quick Refresher on Palworld

For the uninitiated, Palworld made waves among gamers for its edgy take on the monster-catching genre. It’s Rust and Ark: Survival but with cute monsters that you can arm with weapons. And unlike games like Pokemon, the monsters in Palworld not just faint—they can absolutely die!

It immediately rose in popularity and had 7 million players on Xbox and was the most-played 3rd party release on Xbox Game Pass at one point. Intrigued by those stats? Visit this to grab yourself a quick Xbox gift card to check out the game!

How to Catch Palworld Pals Without Killing Them

While that edginess and unique take on the genre has its charms, it’s a double-edged sword at times. Palworld players have expressed how troublesome it is to avoid accidentally killing Pals while in the middle of catching them.

But thanks to the upcoming update, catching Pals has never been so easy! To avoid accidentally killing enemies or wild Pals, you will need the new passive skill “Mercy Hit” or the new item called “Ring of Mercy”.

What Is Mercy Hit in Palworld?

Mercy Hit is a newly added passive skill in the game. If your Pal has this attribute, then your Pal won’t be able to give attacks that can lower the target’s HP below 1. That means no matter how strong your Pal is, their hit won’t ever kill its target.

This skill is very convenient when you want to catch a certain Pal. Just bring a Pal with this passive skill, use it to attack a Pal you want to catch, and you won’t have to worry about accidentally obliterating your target’s HP anymore!

What is the Ring of Mercy in Palworld?

The Ring of Mercy works just like Mercy Hit. But instead of being a passive skill, the Ring of Mercy is a craftable and equipable item. When equipped, the ring can also stop you from dealing damage that can reduce your target’s HP to zero.

So if you can’t get the passive skill but want the skill’s effects, try to craft this item instead. Depending on your level and resources, it might not be an easy feat, but it’s worth it for the effects.

Other New Additions in Palworld

The newest Palworld update also brings the first Raid Boss, a new emote you can use when “sleeping” (for funsies), and a new armor that can protect from both heat and cold at the same time using just one slot.

The developers also mentioned that they are planning an even bigger update for summer 2024. Palworld Xbox players, expect new weapons, buildings, tower bosses, and even a new island!

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